10 X 40FT FR’s / 4 X 20FT FR’s 2 X 40FT OT’s and 1 X 40FT HC

Shipments of bypass units for Toray Plastics from Jakarta to Penang. Manufacturer is Pt Hidroflex. Consist of silencers, diverters, top decks, bottom decks and other accessories on the 22nd Dec 2015.

This enquiry was contested by 5 forwarders. Namely, Calm, Geodis Wilson, KNN, Deugro and Ahlers. We won the bid hands down. We had multiple meetings with shipper, vendors in Jakarta and Penang. Well planned meetings to execute the job. It was carried out with perfection. This was a maiden project for the shipper and end user. It went well.  Shipper was very happy and have put us as their preferred vendor for future projects.