Air Chartered Project

9 x 30 inch wellheads from Singapore to Melbourne (Brown Beach Site)

Extreme Urgent Charter of 9 units of 30” Wellheads to be shipped from Singapore to Melbourne (Brown Beach Site). Competed with 4 other major forwarders. Even though we had the Aircraft to charter the wellheads. There was an obstacle. The interior of the Cargo Aircraft needed a skeletal steel frame to hold the wellheads in place at both ends. We got a steel fabricator to fabricate a steel frame with a cost of SGD100K in 1 day  to accommodate the wellheads. The fabrication was done in GE Yard (Singapore). Trucked the heads to Changi Airport Cargo Terminal and loaded the heads. Charter Flight took off the same day in Noon Time and arrived in the evening on the same day and unloaded with ease and trucked to the site for the client. The fabricated Steel Frames were given to the end user for other purposes. Operation was done successfully.