Project Logistics Services

Turnkey logistics project management – global expertise for your convenience

WPCMOS is passionate about providing innovative and customer oriented solution. Our turnkey logistics project management specialists will provide you a peace of mind with decades of international expertise at your service. With a far reaching network, we combine industry specific knowledge with personalised attention. You can rely on our turnkey logistics project management services to deliver and contribute directly to the successful performance of your projects.

Our main services:

  • International oil and gas logistics projects
  • Procurring the right marine spread
  • Customs clearance for projects
  • Rig mobilization
  • Experienced management
  • Other services

Other Services

  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Project Cargo Logistics
  • Sea / Air / Land Transportation
  • Warehousing Services
  • Marine Barges & Tugs Chartering Services 
  • Landing Craft Tankers Chartering Services 
  • Manpower / Equipment Procurement & Sourcing

Warehousing Services

Warehouse Size Warehouse Facilities

45,000 sq ft (General Warehouse) – Tuas

Floor Load – 15KN/m2 – 25KN/m2

Loading Bays: up to 10 bays

Ceiling Height: 7m – 12m

Cargo Lift x 2 (max load 3 to 5 tons per lift)

Infrastructure highlights


International oil and gas logistics projects

In the Oil and Gas Industry, high value, critical time management, demanding transportation and efficient management of operations are all crucial factors that influence the delivery of your project. Extensive knowledge of the field combined with innovative logistics solutions are significant contributions to the success of the project. By partnering for your logistic requirement such as equipment movement and supply base set-up and management, you can focus on your core businesses of exploration and production.

Procuring the right marine spread

Applying the right marine spread is critical as it directly affects the performance and financial viability of your project. WPCMOS takes great prides with its process of mapping out and sourcing the appropriate marine spread required for our client’s project. It takes years of experience to understand what is required and prepare for the unexpected to ensure that your project will be delivered on time.

Customs clearance for projects

WPCMOS manages every aspect of the task, from initial shipping planning to load witnessing and final customs clearance for projects. Our extensive knowledge of import and export documentation and procedures and expertise in handling specialised cargo, ensures a swift and stress-free customs clearance for your projects.

Rig mobilization

Rig mobilization requires extensive experience as it is both an expensive and complex process, often undertaken in remote locations and under difficult conditions. Our considerable experience in rig mobilization enables us to provide cost-effective, high-quality rig mobilization services.

Experienced management

WPC group, we worked with our experience professionals in the industry. The British Petroleum project in Tangguh, West Papua – together with Hazama, KJB, and Shimizu is just one of our recent exertions.