Tug and Barge Project

Kiswire Neptune Snd Bhd – 2 X 60 Tons Wire Reels from Tg Langsat To PSA Terminal Via Barge for Over Side Loading onto Container Vessel (13th To 15th Sep 2017)

The 2 units of reels had a dateline to arrive in Busan (Korea) by the 23rd Sep 2017. Reels were still in Tg. Langsat (Johor/Malaysia). Reels must leave Tg. Langsat on the 12th Sep 2017 to Singapore to meet the mother vessel for connection in Singapore port to Korea. Due to manufacturing fault, reels were delayed for 1 day. We coordinated with the carrier to slow down the mother vessel which was sailing in from Chennai to Port Klang & to Singapore. We used our joint asset barge to move the 2 units of reels to Singapore on the 13th Sep 2017 (day break) and sailed to Singapore. Reached after 10hrs and waited in anchorage together with the floating crane to meet the arriving mother vessel. She arrived on the same night and we commenced over-side loading next morning (14th Sep) and was completed in 3 hrs. Vessel sailed on the same day to Busan and arrived on the 23rd Sep 2017. It was a smooth operation and the co-ordination between us, shipper, main carrier, port authority & end receiver were very good.